Buying/Hiring Cherry Pickers

What to Know before Buying/Hiring Cherry Pickers for Your Operations

Cherry pickers have to be the most ubiquitous pieces of equipment across all industries. From telecommunication, electrical maintenance, construction, window and wall cleaning services to movie sets, this versatile machine helps make your operations seamless. Giving access to areas that are otherwise inaccessible makes your team more effective. If for instance, you are pruning your trees, there is no better way to do a more efficient job than using an elevated working platform.

Using Cherry Pickers for the Perfect Working Platform

If your employees are involved in construction or building maintenance, it is important to provide them with the best equipment to get the job done. While ladders can suffice in some situations, they are not only unsafe but they also don’t allow your workers to use their gear properly. Cherry pickers provide a working platform that gets the work done more comfortably.

Cherry Pickers Options

Before you go shopping for the best cherry pickers, it is important to understand the options available. Here is a brief breakdown of the equipment you can buy or hire:

Vertical bucket lifts: These are very popular and have been used for decades by cable and construction companies. They are used to elevate workers vertically without a heavy load of equipment. They are portable and are ideal for light commercial applications, such as electrical and cable services. They can also be used in inventory management in warehouses, fruit picking among other services.

Boom lift cherry pickers: These can either be stick or articulating boom lifts and they offer a wider range of reach than any other cherry picker. The articulated joints mean a worker can work sideways across a long stretch as opposed to scissor lifts that just provide horizontal access. They are perfect for difficult working environments where obstacles have to be avoided to complete a project.

Scissor lifts: These cherry pickers are perfect where a large working platform is needed. For instance, a painter requires adequate space to mix paints and a bucket lift does not provide this. The platform is raised and lowered by a folding mechanism. The extendable mast can handle heavier loads.

Engines Used in Cherry Pickers

Most lifts are self-propelled meaning a lifting mechanism is part of the system. They can be diesel, electric, hybrid or petrol powered. If you are considering indoor application, the best option is the electric powered lift because it is quiet and cleaner. Depending on your needs, you can go for self-propelled, truck mounted or push-around lifts.

What To Know About Cherry Pickers